Who we are

ALTthink is a boutique strategy consulting firm. We apply rigorous analytics to tough corporate questions, helping our clients gain fresh perspective.

ALTthink works exclusively with technology, telecoms and media clients; industries defined by rapid change, disruptive innovations and constantly evolving competitor landscapes.

By combining decades of Silicon Valley experience with traditional strategic thinking, we help our clients win.

Industry Expertise

ALTthink serves senior decision makers in technology, media and telecoms, completing over 30 engagements a year.

Advanced Analytics

Where are the opportunities in vertical industry analytics?

Self-serve Business Intelligence

Which functions are adopting new BI tools fastest?

Internet of Things

What role will Digital Twins play in predictive maintenance?


How could biometrics be used in improving PC security?

Chatbots and AI

How can we increase chatbot adoption?


What opportunities do emerging market silicon vendors present?

Original Programming

How much should we invest in original programming to stay competitive?

Virtual Reality

What are the trends in virtual reality?

Satellite TV Economics

How will the economics of satellite TV shift as OTT viewing increases?

Games Consoles

What product features can be introduced to differentiate our gaming experience?


How does viewing behavior vary between Millennials and other generations?

Content Rights

What should we pay for the rights to sports?


How should we structure our investments in next generation networks?

Mobile Enterprise

Which enterprise apps should we focus on to drive network adoption?

Mobile Accessories

What new categories of mobile hardware will emerge after smartphones?

Remote Patient Monitoring

What impact will telemedicine have on healthcare delivery?


What investments in advertising technology should we make?

Near Field Communication

How can NFC be best deployed in the B2B conference industry?


ALTthink focuses on client questions related to corporate strategy, product innovation and marketing.

Corporate Strategy
Economic Modeling

Understanding profit drivers to enhance resource allocation

Emerging Markets

How to thrive in China, India and beyond

Game Theory

Understanding competitor reactions to various industry moves

M & A

Due diligence support on potential acquisition targets

Operating Models

Understanding the business models necessary to compete

Regulatory Risk Assessment

Ensuring business strategy is aligned to the regulatory framework

Product Innovation
Market Entry Strategy

Setting the right goals to successfully expand

NPD Process

Stimulating innovation via a strong development process

Pitch Deck Development

Crafting the perfect message to attract support and investment

Rapid Prototyping

Moving ideas from concept to prototype quickly

Value Innovation

Creating a strategy canvas by which to find new opportunities

Venture Investing Landscape

Highlighting trends by “following the money” from VCs

Competitive Landscape

Profiling competitor activities, strengths and weaknesses

Conjoint Analysis

Online customer preference testing

Customer Segmentation

Prioritizing the most attractive customer groups

Focus Groups

Asking the right questions of the target audience

Price Optimization

Understanding price / volume trade-offs to maximize revenues

Value Proposition Development

Refining customer and competitor research into a succinct proposition


ALTthink leadership have served industry leaders in telecoms, media, and technology on a daily basis for the past two decades.

“ALTthink helped us select a partner, negotiate and close a complex agreement with one of the biggest companies on the Web”
-- VP, US telco

"We’ve worked with ALTthink on everything from visualization to semiconductors, and they always deliver.”
-- Senior Director, Fortune 100 tech firm

“ALTthink’s deep dives on competitors are incredibly insightful and valuable as we think about our future positioning.”
-- Director, Fortune 50 tech firm

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